Curcumin content of our latest batch of turmeric powder confirmed at 7.5%

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Turmeric root powder is just one of our wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs and spices.
This root spice originates from India, where we work closely with farmers and suppliers across the country to source the best possible quality products for our customers.  To hear more about Matt Richards’ recent visit to our suppliers in India, click here

Turmeric is widely claimed to have positive health effects, with a primary active compound being curcumin.  Our latest turmeric batch (batch code: 10685IN) has tested in UK laboratories at 7.5% curcumin – average levels would usually be expected to be 3–3.5% - and has been assessed at our Somerset HQ to ensure wider quality requirements are met.  Curcumin levels can vary from batch to batch, dependent on various factors including weather conditions, so we’d encourage any customers looking for high curcumin turmeric to ask us about availability of this batch now, whilst stocks last. 

Turmeric is often recommended as an anti-inflammatory, and is frequently mixed with freshly-ground black peppercorns (containing the compound piperine – which is believed to enhance the availability of curcumin in the body) and coconut or olive oil, to create “golden paste”.