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The Organic Herb Trading Company takes its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and always aims to exceed prescribed legislative requirements.

Our CSR policy can be broken down in to several areas of responsibility that apply to the differing needs of those that deal or work for The Organic Herb Trading Company.



Our Suppliers


We are committed to offering our suppliers a fair price for their products, so that the basic needs of all involved in the production of organic crops can be met. We do not work with suppliers that use child labour, or any form of enforced labour within their workforce. It is our policy to work with our suppliers to continuously improve the quality of their processes and crops.



Our Staff


We provide a safe and comfortable working environment, together with a comprehensive training and a personal development program for all employees. We treat all our staff and in a fair and equal manner.



Our Customers


Since 1982, we have built up a large and loyal customer base, including some of the biggest retailers of herbal products in the UK. These companies specialise in product ranges that include blended speciality teas, medicinal herbal remedies and cosmetic applications. They source their raw materials from OHTC due to the consistent quality of our products, extensive range of stock and level of customer service.



The Environment


It is our aim to have as low an impact on the environment as possible. We only trade in sustainably sourced, harvested and collected products  from around the world. We recognise that many of our ingredients are far from "local", but we aim to minimise our ecological footprint by shipping all goods to the greatest extent possible. Set against the associated CO2 emissions associated with shipping and transport, our continuing support of suppliers in developing countries is essential to provide income generation in areas where deprivation can be commonplace.


Our warehouse and office is sited on an organically certified herb farm in Somerset, where we have converted exisiting buildings into a workable base for our trading operations. We largely use reclaimed materials and second hand furniture for our offices and have a rigorous and all inclusive recycling policy. Everybody in the company gets involved with sorting our recycling, including the managing Director!  


Wherever possible we re-use packaging for the distribution of orders, whilst maintaining the integrity of our products using paper bags with food grade liners.

During 2011 / 2012 we aim to install photovoltaic cells on our warehouse roof to generate our own electricity.





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