• 8 February 2017

  • Product news

Frankincense Resin and Rosehip Extract

New in stock for 2017 we now have available organic Frankincense resin pieces, and Rosehip antioxidant extract.

At Organic Herb Trading we have been pleased to have available high-quality organic Frankincense hydrosol and essential oil for some time, and we are excited to say we now have in stock Frankincense resin pieces from Somalia, with a great fragrance.  The pieces are significantly different in size too from the non-organic Frankincense peas we have previously had available, they are non-uniform and vary from approximately 0.5cm to 2cm across.

Our organic Rosehip fruit C02 extract is sourced from organic farms in Bulgaria and South Africa. The colour is a dark red oil, clear to light turbid, stabilised with Rosemary antioxidant (organic). In the cosmetic industry, rosehip is used in moisturizing creams against dry skin for its anti-wrinkle properties, amongst other functions.

For further information, contact our team at info@organicherbtrading.com or call +44(0)1823 401205