• 25 April 2017

  • Product news

Fair and Wild Green Tea

Our new Wild Greens blend with Green Tea is a refreshing caffeine-free blend of wild harvested Pin Ho Jade Vietnamese Green Tea and sustainably harvested wild herbs: FairWild Nettle leaf, FairWild Hawthorn flowering tops, FairWild Liquorice root and organic Dandelion leaf.

Our Pin Ho Jade is sourced from the Yen Bai region of Vietnam, and this is a very special Fairtrade Green Tea. Harvested from wild Tea trees indigenous to the region (as seen above), the trees (some thought to be over 100 years old) have deep roots that are able to access minerals deep in the soil, giving the tea a rich flavour and long aftertaste. Along with FairWild certified herbs, this makes a truly wild cup of tea.

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