• 15 January 2021

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Organic Hibiscus from Senegal

As with many farming cultures in countries from which we source around the world, female workers play a vital role in the process. This is very much the case for our supplier of Hibiscus in Senegal, with tradition seeing women taking the lead in the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of stocks.

We have been working to establish new origins for organic and ethically traded Hibiscus, to support the increasing demand and high standards required by our customers. Establishing new, mutually beneficial relationships is an exciting and rewarding part of our work, and our new source is a women's cooperative in Senegal.

Established in 2015, certified organic in 2016 and Fair For Life in 2018, the cooperative is made up of more than 1500 farmers across some 30 small farmer groups, and of these 1500 farmers, approximately 1200 are women.

Typically, White Hibiscus has been cultivated for cooking (so as not to taint the colour of the rice), while Red Hibiscus is sold in local markets as a cash crop. However, due to a recent drop in financial viability of some main crops in the region, the cooperative has been encouraging greater field-scale cultivation of Red Hibiscus. This shift feeds into a greater social enterprise, by way of offering work opportunities to those seeking employment in the area.

The photograph above shows two farmers carrying out the primary processing, peeling and sorting petals from the full flower heads. The petals are then transferred to a drying area before being packed ready for transportation and sale.

Our Senegalese Hibiscus can be found in both our Elderberry Boost immune-boosting tea, and our Fennel, Orange & Hibiscus tea blend. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements, request a sample or a quotation of any of our items, including this new organic Hibiscus, please do contact our sales team by emailing info@organicherbtrading.com, or calling +44(0)1823 401 205.