• 19 May 2020

  • Tips from the herbalist

Essential Oil Lymphatic Cream

We love the variety of funtions that essential oils can offer - this is a fantastic recipe for a lymphatic cream (thanks to Jane Wallwork - The Exmoor Herbalist) using a variety of oils to help the lymphatic system clear infections and to support white blood cells.

Jane spent some time with the wonderful Plant Medicine School in Ireland earlier in the year, looking at what herbal support could be harnessed for viral issues.
Continuing with a plant-based approach to fighting infection, a lymphatic absorption cream was created. This was made using a natural base cream and essential oils to help the lymphatic system clear infection, and to support the white bloods doing the work.
100ml Base cream
10% essential oils = 10ml
Tea Tree 4% = 80 drops
Niauli 2% = 40 drops
Geranium 1% = 20 drops
Rosemary 1% = 20 drops
Lemon 1% = 20 drops
Cedarwood 1% = 20 drops
Mix the essential oils into the base cream until thoroughly blended, and then decant into a pot and keep in a cool place out of direct sunshine.
Apply the cream twice daily to the underarms, the neck glands, under the clavicle and the groin areas.
If you do not have any fragrance-free base cream available, then use 100ml of carrier oil such as Jojoba. This will solidify if kept in the fridge if you prefer a less fluid base. Remember, use what you have to hand - Olive oil would also work very well.