• 4 November 2021

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Seasons Greetings

Wishing you seasons greetings with this delicious recipe for Vegan Fudgy Brownies & Spiced Whisky Butter

Enjoy this wonderful seasonal brownie recipe, courtesy of vegan/plant-based chefs at Saucery Somerset.

Vegan Fudgy Brownies with Spiced Whisky Butter

4 tablespoons ground chia and flax seed
150ml water
110g vegan butter, melted
200g light brown sugar
150g caster sugar
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
150g plain flour (if gluten free, substitute with 125g almond flour, 75g gluten free self-raising flour)
90g raw cacao powder
¼ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder (if gluten free, reduce baking powder to ¾ teaspoon)
1 teaspoon cinnamon (or replace with a few drops of orange essential oil)
40g broken pecan nuts
100g chocolate chips

For Spiced Whisky Butter
50g softened vegan butter
50g icing sugar
1 teaspoon whisky
Pinch of fresh nutmeg
Pinch of cinnamon


  1. Make your ‘chia eggs’ by combining the chia and flax mixture with the water in a small dish, and set aside.
  2. While the ‘eggs’ thicken, preheat your oven to 175 degrees C, and line an 8”x8” square dish with parchment/baking paper.
  3. Melt the butter, and mix that thoroughly with the ‘eggs’, both sugars, and vanilla.
  4. Add all of the other ingredients and mix thoroughly but gently. Be careful not to overwork.
  5. Transfer the mixture into your lined dish. It will be very thick, that’s fine! Using a spatula, gently work it into the corners and smooth the surface. Sprinkle over the additional chocolate chips, and poke the additional pecans into the surface of your batter.
  6. Bake for 35 minutes in the centre of your pre-heated oven. Your brownie will look soft in the middle when the time is up but don’t worry – that is the secret to a super-fudgy brownie!
  7. Leave to cool for about six hours, or ideally overnight, in the baking tin – resist temptation, it is even better the next day!
  8. For the Spiced Whisky Butter, mix the softened butter with the icing sugar, spices and whisky to make a smooth sauce. Once your brownie is cool, pipe in zig-zags over the top of your brownie. Slice and serve as it is, or warm in the oven for ten minutes and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.