• 13 November 2017

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Meet Our Customer: Berlin Organics

With a focus on making it easy for consumers to use the very best, organic superfoods, Berlin Organics have recently launched the first product in an exciting new range of Baobab-based blends.

How did your business start?
I started Berlin Organics because I was using many different superfoods myself. I had all these different packs and pouches in my kitchen. However, after a while I realised that I was consuming some superfoods more, and some less. Thus, some products I finished up quickly, whereas others sat in my kitchen for months. That was the moment when the idea of superfood blends was born. I sat down with a food expert and we compiled the different products in our range of superfood blends. That was in 2015. Now, we’re about to hit the shelves of Germany’s largest chemist store chain.

What is unique about your company?
Our superfood blends have unique recipes, but they also make it very convenient for consumers to adopt superfoods. You don’t need to get your head around all the different superfoods. Just pick a blend that suits you and start making a smoothie or add it to your porridge.

Our latest product is a Baobab-based electrolyte drink. It’s fully organic, and up until now the only organic isotonic drink powder on the market.

Who and where are your customers?
Health conscious consumers, people interested in enhancing their daily nutrition, sporty and active people.

How’s the future looking for you? What are your plans? 
We’re very happy about the launch of our new product line BAOWOW with the first product “BAOWOW hydration”, an isotonic sports drink. We’re looking into developing more Baobab-based products. It’s just a very fascinating ingredient.

Why do you buy from Organic Herb Trading?
We’re buying form Organic Herb Trading not only for organic quality. That’s a must for us. But mostly it’s because we want to make sure that the raw materials are traded in an ethical manner. That’s the reason why we buy our Baobab from Organic Herb Trading, for example.

Why is organic and provenance important to you? 
As you can tell from our company name, organic is part of our DNA. Berlin Organics was founded with the vision to make organic food supplements and functional food attractive and easy to use for consumers, and at the same time creating an impact in the countries of origin.

What is your favourite cup of tea?
Direct trade green Darjeeling from “Teekampagne” or Japanese Sencha.

Many thanks to Klaas Koolman of Berlin Organics, for answering our questions.