• 15 December 2020

  • News from the herb field

News from the herb field: December 2020

The latest news from our Herb Field Manager Sarah - roots, roots and more roots!

"The end of 2020 is near, which I must admit is a relief! We’ve had a good year in the herb field with all things considered and have had a bumper harvest of 3320kg of herbs this year - 639kg of which has been the root harvest so far. There will be more roots to harvest in the New Year but for 2020 the harvesting in the herb field is finished. If you would like to order fresh roots do get in touch or we have a selection of dried roots from the herb field in stock in the warehouse.

We waved goodbye to our wonderful seasonal workers, Nikki and Fi, who left at the end of September. Since then I've been cracking on with the root harvesting which is a good winter job as it keeps you very warm! I have also been planning the planting and propagation for next year and doing some root division.

This year we had a good seed saving year and saved seed from 20 different herbs. The seeds are all now cleaned and waiting to be sown in the spring."

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