• 5 May 2020

  • Tips from the herbalist

Essential Oils

We don't know about you, but we are definitely guilty of coming across bottles of essential oils hidden away at the back of cupboards. Well now is the time to dig these incredibly effective ingredients out of their hiding places - here are some suggestions from Jane Wallwork (The Exmoor Herbalist) for oils that may be beneficial during these times.

Essential oils are wonderful for helping prevent and alleviating infections. They can be added to facial steams to clear the sinuses and to shift phlegm settling on the lungs. They can also be used in oil burners for cold and flu symptoms and general viral protection. The following essentials oils have been proven to be of assistance:
Tea Tree
There are other essential oils that will be very supportive, but Jane has chosen some commonly used ones here as many folk will have some in the medicine chest already. It is very important not to stress about what we don't have, rather see what we do have that can be of use.