• 19 January 2021

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2021 Business Update

Organic Herb Trading Managing Director Jim Twine addresses cost price increases and thanks our customers and friends for their support.

Dear Customers and wider friends of Organic Herb Trading,

I very much hope that as we move into the spring and summer we will get the chance to meet with more of you face-to-face again and that as 2021 progresses we will all be able to re-balance our lives a little more.

There is no doubt that over the past year, some of our suppliers have faced genuinely increased costs - primarily as a result of implementing social distancing at source. However, towards the end of 2020 we witnessed some really alarming price hikes. For example, we were quoted 8000 Euros to ship 14 pallets from Europe – an eye-watering increase on normal rates - which naturally we politely declined!

Whilst we do expect there to be some cost price increases as a result of continued strong demand, Covid-19 and disruption across the UK border: Organic Herb Trading we will not use this as an opportunity to take advantage commercially. Any price increases that we implement during 2021 will directly be as a result of real cost price increases - rather than any commercial opportunism. 

As ever – the best way to help manage costs is to provide us with a forecast and if you have not done so already I would encourage you to be in touch via emailing info@organicherbtrading.comor your regular point of contact.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your patience, for being so supportive to our staff and for your continued understanding.

With best wishes,

Jim Twine - Managing Director