• 26 March 2021

  • News from the herb field

News from the herb field: March

Elecampane, Chinese Rhubarb and Burdock - Sarah has been busy in the herb field preparing for the warmer months. Read on for all the latest from our Herb Field Manager.

“Well, it has been an interesting start to the year weather wise. Too much rain and wind for my liking but some snow and hard frosts have been a welcome sight as it will have helped killed off any overwintering pests and disease - and there is nothing more beautiful than a cold dry sunny spring day.

The root harvesting is finished. Burdock root and Chinese Rhubarb root are now available dried having been harvested in the last two months. Pruning of Roses, Blackcurrants and cutting back of Raspberries happened in February and the rest of the cutting back in the herb field is nearly done. Spring has sprung!

This is my favourite time of year as everything starts coming back to life and we get ready for the year ahead. I am now thinking about propagation and getting beds ready for sowing and planting out in the following months. Some propagation was done at the time of root harvesting in the form of root cuttings and divisions which were then re-planted

Two new beds of Elecampane were planted up at the end of last year when the roots were harvested. These new beds will not be ready for harvesting until 2024 as Elecampane needs to be in the ground for at least three years before it is harvested. More recently a new bed of Chinese Rhubarb was planted up. This is done by taking the tops off the Rhubarb plants ensuring that there are some nice new buds coming, these crowns are then pushed into the soil and will root down and become new plants.

The Chinese Rhubarb is not edible like the normal Rhubarb we have in our gardens. The root is used medicinally, and these plants need to be in the ground for at least five years before harvest so that will be 2026 at the earliest!

Next on the list for propagation is Burdock which I will sow directly into beds that I have prepared out in the herb field. Most of the other seed propagation I start off in plug trays in the poly tunnel and then harden off and plant out when it is a bit warmer.

I am very much looking forward to welcoming our two seasonal workers who will be starting in April, let’s hope we have a fantastic growing season ahead of us, exciting times!".

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