• 30 April 2019

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Meet Our Customer: Natural Health Market

The Natural Health Market is an online family business dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable, organic, natural and herbal products. More below from co-founder, Ian.

How did your business start?
The Natural Health Market was founded in 2011 by myself and my wife Aon while we were expatriated in Asia. The business grew quicker than we expected so we decided to give up our life on the road and move back to Leicestershire in 2014. We were returning to the UK after living and travelling extensively around SouthEast Asia for 20 years. We share a passion for natural products and we were inspired by the local diets enjoyed by many of the communities we had been a part of over this time - and whose members lived healthily to a ripe old age!

We joined the Soil Association and set about sourcing quality organic products  that fulfil our criteria for customers; products that have significant health benefits at value for money prices. We wanted to help make the world a better place from our little corner of rural England. 

What is unique about your company?
Whilst it may not be unique, we do believe in communities and the powers of storytelling. Every natural product has a story, and most often the villagers who live at the product’s source are delighted to share the story with us. We are on a mission to tell that story and we believe that our ties with Asia and many other parts of the world will enable us to look at things through a different pair of glasses than many of the more traditional companies in this market.

Who, and where are your customers?
We have never marketed to a particular audience segment, and consequently our customers are literally from all over. Obviously we have a lot of tea drinkers, but we also have a loyal base of customers that buy our superfoods who are keen to try anything new that we add in this space.    

How’s the future looking for you? What are your plans?
We’ve got some rather interesting surprises up our sleeve, watch this space!

Why do you buy from Organic Herb Trading?
Undoubtedly the products are superb quality, but also we enjoy the passion and invaluable knowledge that clearly comes across from the team, who I adore chatting to regularly.

Why is organic/provenance important to you?
It's just the best way to ensure that what goes into our packs is the best ingredients available, obviously in terms of product quality but also to make sure we are paying respect to the planet and its people in the process.

What is your favourite cup of tea?
The best thing about being surrounded by high-quality organic botanicals is I can grab whatever takes my fancy; my go-to brew is hibiscus, and my experiments with hibiscus have lead to products we now make for customers.