• 1 November 2022

  • News from the herb field

Herb Field round up

It's been another busy year for the Herb Field team here at Organic Herb Trading.

Our two-acre biodynamic herb field here at Organic Herb Trading is small but integral part of our business - home to more than 60 plant species, it represents the heart of our values and ethics, and reminds us of the efforts made by all the growers we work with around the world.

It’s been a very productive year for the herb field, helped along by a fantastic team of seasonal workers who together have harvested more than 3300kg with yet more to go. Much of this year's harvest of fresh herbs has been taken straight to our Liquids Manufacturing facility as ingredients for our new tinctures range, while other fresh harvests sent out for contract orders, and some dried to provide stocks throughout the year.

The weather has created a great deal of uncertainty, with many herbs usually tolerant of summer heat struggling with this year's levels, and the confusion of unseasonal warmth now in November means we are seeing Echinacea and Roses back in bud and flower, and blossom and berries on Hawthorn - things we have never experienced at this time of year in the Somerset countryside. 

Root harvesting will start soon for Elecampane, Rhubarb, Horseradish, Burdock, Marshmallow and Angelica so please contact our Sales Team if you would like to discuss orders for fresh or dried root products.

Thanks to the efforts of the team this year, we have a comprehensive list of dried herb field products available including Wormwood, Vervain, Lady's Mantle and Marigolds to name but a few - for a full list, take a look at our Price List. Fresh herbs are available according to seasonality, but for an idea of what we typically grow and harvest throughout the year, you can use this list.

For more information about any of our Herb Field products, or to place an order, please contact our Sales Team on +44(0)1823 401205 or by emailing info@organicherbtrading.com.

And we'd like to extend many thanks to our neighbour and customer, Ffern, for the beautiful photo of our herb field at the top of this article, taken by their photographer Aloha Bonser-Shaw for their autumn season eau de parfum marketing campaign.