• 23 November 2023

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Meet Our Customer: Equinox Kombucha

Founded in 2012 as an ethical, organic kombucha business designed to disrupt the traditional soft drinks industry, read on to learn more.

My name is Genevieve and I am the Sustainability Lead for Equinox Kombucha

How did your business start?

Equinox was started by a local Calderdale couple Robert Charles and Daphnie Charest who were backpacking in Asia and discovered the wonders of the ancient, fermented, organic tea that is kombucha! They started to brew kombucha in a friend’s kitchen in Hebden Bridge and sold it in local markets and health stores. In 2017, Equinox was the first kombucha to be listed in Waitrose and we have grown from there!

What is unique about your company?

Equinox is the only organic, BRCS, B Corp kombucha company in the UK. We have one of the largest kombucha breweries in Europe and produce a wide range of living teas for sale in the UK, Europe and across the world. Having grown from humble roots we are one of the leading chilled kombucha brands in the UK which is something we are very proud of!

Who and where are your customers?

Our customers have grown in scale over the years, and now span a wide range of demographics from health and fitness, foodies and to eco-seeking Gen Z & Millennials. Most of our customers are in the UK but increasingly we are exporting to channels across Europe. Knowledge of kombucha is on the rise now in Europe and whereas once this would have been a niche health drink, we are now seeing the market explode with new brands coming forwards and innovation hitting the category alongside other fermented drinks like Kefir.

How’s the future looking for you? What are your plans?

We have grown a lot in the last 10 years, launching new products, partnering with amazing brands like River Cottage and supplying into new markets. We are about to launch a new export range of kombuchas that will allow us to expand the reach of Equinox into new territories like Asia where kombucha has been known for millennia.

Why do you buy from Organic Herb Trading? 

Organic has always been a non-negotiable for Equinox and Organic Herb Trading are known to have some of the highest standards of sourcing and quality in the UK. We love your heritage in growing organic herbs and the amazing work you do in partnership with organic farmers across the world. We also really value the sustainable principles that are built into your business that means in these times of volatility we can trust that the supply chains will continually evolve and reliably operate.

What do you buy from Organic Herb Trading? How do you use it, and what do you like about it?

We buy a wide range of herbal teas and botanicals from Organic Herb Trading that form a core part of our delicious kombucha flavours. From the organic Sloes, Juniper and Rose Hips in our River Cottage kombuchas to the incredible Chamomile that we use as a base tea for several of our kombucha flavours, the ingredients are always of the highest quality. I love to spend time in the brewery simply smelling the wonderful organic herbs that we source from you.

Why is organic/provenance important to you?

Organic food and drink are well known to have significant health benefits for both the people who consume them on a regular basis as well as for the ecosystems and soil health of the environments within which they are grown. Using organic ingredients in our drinks is therefore one of the most powerful ways that a small company like ours can have a positive social and environmental impact in the world.

Do you have any heroes?

One of my UK hero brands has got to be Riverford Organics. I love their business model and the fact that they do significant research in the field of organic farming which they share very effectively with their customers and stakeholders. Wicked Leeks is definitely one of my favourite newsletters!

What is your favourite cup of tea/or long cool relaxing drink?

Of course, I am going to say Equinox Kombucha Tea. Our Organic Sicilian Lemon flavour is definitely high on my list. However, I am also a massive fan of organic Earl Grey tea with lavender flowers in it. Hot or cold, this is delicious with some organic honey!

Please feel free to tell us one unusual fact!

Kombucha as a fermented tea is known as the ‘elixir of life’ and was drunk by Samurai Warriors before they went into battle to give them energy and mystic powers! What is not to love.