• 31 October 2022

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Spotlight on Elderberry

The fruity hero that packs an immune-boosting punch, here we highlight two delicious products that showcase this wonderful ingredient.

  • Elderberries on tree

    Elderberries on tree

Tonic, tea, or tablet, Elderberry can be taken in many ways, tastes delicious, and is known for its high vitamin and antioxidant properties. Below are two of our favourite products that showcase this wonderful plant.

Elderberry Tincture

Our new high quality organic tinctures are proving really popular, and we have added Elderberry to that range - the perfect tonic to take as a winter month preventative, or at the onset of a cold or flu to help ease symptoms. Our tincture is made using fresh Elderberries grown at our biodynanic herb field in the Somerset countryside, and hand made by our team on site - you can see Sarah, our Herb Field Manager, harvesting fresh Elderberries in the short film below. For more information about our full range of tinctures, visit our website here.


Ruby Boost Herbal Tea Blend

A firm favourite during the winter months, we have renamed this delicious herbal blend to commemorate our 40th anniversary this year.

Rich in colour, full of flavour, and bursting with natural Vitamin C, this is a perfect seasonal blend, containing Elderberry, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Tulsi, and Baobab that will give you tasting notes of berry fruit, light sweetness, and perfect astringency.

To discover our full tea and herbal blend range, take a look at our Price list.