Fresh - UK grown biodynamic herbs

In our two-acre herb field we grow over 60 biodynamic herbs that thrive in our part of England.

Whilst the volume of herbs we grow now represents a small proportion of what we trade in total, the herb field is really important because it reinforces our values and reminds us of the practical challenges our suppliers face on a day-to-day basis. And of course herbs are at their very best – both medicinally and in terms of taste – when they are fresh. 

Because we have such strong demand for our fresh herbs, we always prefer to agree a contract with our customers before the start of the growing season. However, if this is not in place we may still be able to meet your stock requirements. A small volume of our herbs are also dried each year to help extend availability out of season.

Our minimum order quantity for fresh herbs is 5kgs per item and dried herbs can be purchased in as little as 250g.

To speak to a member of our team about fresh herb requirements, please email info@organicherbtrading.com, or call +44(0)1823 401205.