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For more than 40 years we have existed to make high-quality, traceable, sustainably grown/collected herbs accessible to medicinal practitioners. It was the very reason that the company was established and continues to be at the heart of what we do, four decades later.

As herbalists are holistic practitioners, prescribing herbs for medicinal use, we understand the importance of providing them with botanicals of the highest quality. For us, product quality extends to how the herbs are grown, working with farmers and collectors who avoid harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilisers, that is why we are so committed to organic principles and the certification that provides that important assurance.

It is timely that in 2022, the year of our 40th anniversary, we launched a range of medicinal tinctures, made on our farm in Somerset. A tincture is typically an extract of plant material (the mark), in a solvent (the menstruum) and at Organic Herb Trading we use an organic grain alcohol (ethanol) which is 96% proof and gluten free.

The foundation of product quality is always the starting raw material. Our range is derived from both fresh and dry herbs, with our fresh herb tinctures made from organic botanicals, grown on our farm in Somerset. These are harvested by hand at their peak and transferred to manufacturing soon after, to ensure the highest quality products possible. Our dry herbs are sourced from an established network of trusted suppliers from more than 60 countries, many of whom we have worked with closely for decades. All our suppliers are certified organic and many are also FLO Fairtrade, Fair For Life or FairWild.

The short film below tells the story of herbs being grown in our two-acre organic herb field, right through to being manufactured at our on-site facility.

The method of extraction and ratios of herb to ethanol have been carefully researched to in order to create an optimum end product. Depending on the herb, we use maceration, infusion, or decoction techniques. These techniques, combined with the specific alcohol concentration, enable us to extract the desired plant constituents from that botanical ingredient. The resultant batches of tincture are organoleptically analysed in-house and at our trusted third-party laboratory, before being bottled and labelled.

Our tinctures are available in 500ml or 1l glass bottles, or in plastic jerricans for bulk quantities. We have carefully assessed our packaging materials to avoid unnecessary waste, breakage and to ensure optimum product quality.

We have produced a short glossary of terms relating to our tinctures range.

You will find a full list of our Tinctures on the Products & Price List – please note that some products will be limited to seasonal availability. Please do contact our Sales Team to discuss specific requirements.