Modern Slavery

We have been sourcing herbs, spices and botanicals from around the world for over 40 years, always with a firm commitment to trade ethically and treat our suppliers with respect. We welcome the requirements set out in the Modern Slavery Act — which place a responsibility on businesses to assess the risk of slavery occurring in their supply chains.

While the provisions of the Act apply only to businesses larger than ours, in 2019 we confirmed our commitment to being part of the solution by writing and sharing our own modern slavery statement, reflecting the fact that we are institutionally opposed to forced labour — the practice of treating people as property is indefensible and must end.

Committing to the standards set out in our statement mean that we routinely assess ways of working and implement change where necessary — to this end we have recently updated our statement, which can be read in full here (the original statement from 2019 can be read here).

At the time of creating our original statement, we implemented a training programme for team members who travel around the world to meet with established and new suppliers, with the aim of enabling them to identify warning signs of slavery. You can read more about this training a blog post, here.