Mike Brook

Founder Director

Nobody could say it better than Sebastian Pole in his book ‘Celebrating ten Pukka years,’ (2012). Sebastian is the Co-Founder and Master Herbsmith at Pukka Herbs – he is also a great friend and supporter of Organic Herb Trading:

“Mike Brook is the epitome of an organic pioneer. He has helped Pukka source organic herbs and spices since our inception. With a far-reaching vision and a passionate determination to develop lasting relationships with growers, Mike is a leader in the British organic herb community. Sebastian spent a few formative years living in a caravan on Mike’s organic herb farm. He knows what a hard worker Mike is and what hard work it takes to grow, harvest, clean and dry herbs. Mike has developed very efficient ways of growing herbs in the UK and has inspired a steady trail of enthusiasts to learn from him. He started by supplying herbalists from his organic herb field in Oxfordshire, and has transformed his business, the Organic Herb Trading Company, into supplying some of the leading organic food producers in the UK. Mike was the first person in the UK to import organic Chamomile, Ginger and Peppermint."

In addition to his day job at Organic Herb Trading, Mike has provided consultancy services for leading Non Governmental Organisations and ethical businesses including the ITC, Oxfam, CBI and Traidcraft. Mike has served on a number of prominent industry committees including the Soil Association Standards Board and was a founder member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade.